An occasional record of the life and times of Gil Jennex, the Jennex family and other stories.

Two Brothers

Roy Jennex and Mylem Day : a search for identity

Introduction: I will try to outline the life of two brothers: Roy Jennex and Mylem Day, who, although with the same parents, grew up and lived very different lives, under different surnames.

Upon the death of Mylem Day in 1987, there began a four year effort (1987-1991) to establish an official link between the two brothers, i.e., to prove that they actually were full brothers. This effort involved two law firms , one in Nova Scotia and one in Manitoba, and my sister, Maureen, who actually followed or chased the paper trail.

Cyclone Tracey, Darwin, 1974 – An experience

There had been cyclone warnings continually through the day of 24 December, 1974, but the Christmas parties went on as usual. We had had the same warnings only three weeks before and the storm had missed Darwin, as it had ever since the last cyclone in 1937.

During the evening, the reports put the centre as nearer and nearer to Darwin, but rather than emphasizing that the cyclone was headed directly toward the city, most reports said it was “North by North West traveling East by South East”. People were advised to fill bath tubs with water, open windows away from the cyclone, get under the bed, etc.

Hash House Harriers

Two date outlines:

  • the life of Albert S Gispert

  • the history of the Hash House Harriers
  • Our life in Jeddore in the 1930's

    Memories Of Times Past: How to begin a recollection of way back then. A dream world which comes to the surface of memory in bits and pieces, yet which is always a part of the whole - a life being lived, way back then.

    Because I write of our life in the 1930's, pre World War II, in rural Nova Scotia, I write of a world without electricity, without radio; a world where cars and horses and wagons (or sleighs) shared the same narrow dirt roads. It was a world that had been basically unchanged for decades, but was unknowingly poised to be pushed and pulled by World War II into the mid 20th century with its modern technology in transport and communication. In Jeddore, in the 1930's we lived our life, as lives had been lived for decades, for over 100 years; in the past there had been small or gradual changes that were no more than ripples on the daily life of the community.

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